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SW: 155 lbs • CW: 130 lbs • GW: 115-120 lbs • 5' 4"



My dad taught me to make banana pancakes. They are so yummy. <3


Quinoa Crusted Chicken Strips with BBQ Honey Mustard…RECIPE

sarahminitann asked: Well.. Ive been struggeling with my lower body. I'm a pear shape and I'm scared of squats because it may make my butt and thighs even bigger than they already are. I know that it's not possible to spot reduce but du you have any tips for losing a few inches on thighs and hips?

I’m a pear shape too!! As difficult as it is, embracing your shape is really the best thing you can do. I know it’s tough; I still struggle with it myself. Don’t be afraid of squats making your butt and thighs bigger though. Squats are really just a good way of firming/lifting, they’re not going to add any bulk unless you get really intense with the amount of weight/reps/etc. Otherwise, just keep up the cardio and healthy eating! I know this isn’t super insightful, but I hope it helps :)


Honey Fried Bananas


1 banana, a little under ripe

olive oil

1 tablespoon Honey

1 tablespoon water or bourbon or rum

ground cinnamon, optional


Peel and slice bananas into 1-inch chunks. Pour just enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the bottom of a non stick pan and heat over medium heat. Once heated, add banana slices and cook 1-2 minute on either side until golden brown. While this is happening mix Honey with liquid of choice and set aside.Remove from heat and drizzle honey mixture over top. When sizzling subsides, sprinkle with a little cinnamon and serve with ice cream or French toast.